Special Purpose Electrostatic Precipitator

//Special Purpose Electrostatic Precipitator
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Special Purpose Electrostatic Precipitator

Special purpose Electrostatic Precipitator
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We have several years experience of work in air purification systems. There are different types of air purification system used for Engineering, Electronics industry.

We take opportunity to introduce to you our oil mist and smoke electrostatic precipitators. There is different stage of electrostatic precipitators used for Engineering, Electronics industry to remove oil mist and smoke during machining process.

SEPL air purifier is a very high efficiency, less power consumption, very low maintenance electrostatic precipitator, designed, developed and manufactured with latest technology under international environmental regulations by SANIYA ENVIROSYSTEM PVT.LTD.


SEPL air purifier use for Applications:

Electrostatic precipitator is ideal for capture of oil mist, smoke, fumes with additional advantage of possible reuse collected drain oil.

In engineering industry used for applications like welding, drilling, grinding, turning, tapping, milling, housing, facing, cutting, hobbing, shaping, honing, heating, hardening, annealing.

In electronic industry for application soldering. In Engineering, Electronics industry possible to use in clean room areas for pollution free environment.

How SEPL air purifier works:

It utilizes the principle of electrostatic precipitation. Air with oil mist and smoke drawn in to the electrostatic precipitator first passes through metal mesh mechanical pre-filters which traps large oil mist particles and makes the airflow uniform. Then air passes through Ionizer. In ionizing section the particulate receives strong electrical charge. Then these charged particles passes into a collector section having metal plates of opposite charge. The grounded plates attract and collect oil mist and smoke particles. Electrostatic charge is generated by the high voltage power pack. Air flow passes through metal mesh mechanical post filter. Post filter improves air distribution. The other section is blower and motor. Which develops required suction and delivers fresh and clean air.

Inlet plenum required for collection of air flow from duct and to distribute to next stage. Mounting stand required to mount electrostatic precipitator unit. Drain unit for oil drain. Electrical control panel for electrical supply and control.


  • Principle: Works with customer on transparent principle
  • Price: No hidden charges
  • Compact single cabinet avoid nut bolt fittings, gasketing to avoid leakage problem, save space for extra fitting like starter
  • Motorized Blower and fan assembly: AC centrifugal motorized blower, which saving in energy and improves efficiency, high static pressure and compact.
  • Drive: Drive which saving in energy & efficiency. By use of drive we can control CFM electrically which can save in energy. Not use conventional mechanical damper. By using drive we can use Variable cfm ESP for different application.
  • Air purification system fitted in crca cabinet which powder coated. All cells are mounted on slide rails, easy operated doors and removable panels.
  • Ionizer and Collector – Ionizer and Collector both are separate assembled. Therefore easy to remove and handling. Durable aluminium and stainless steel assembly of Ionizer and Collector to protect from corrosion. Easy to wash and reinstalled.
  • Ionizer and Collector Insulators (Bushing) – Teflon/Ceramic Insulator for Ionizer and collector to protect from short circuiting.
  • Ionizer with spikes – Instead of Ionizer wires use spikes. Spike which reduces replacement and maintenance cost and improve efficiency.
  • High efficiency – systems are highly efficient.
  • Very low running cost, low pressure drop, high efficiency, looks very attractive design, built a single cabinet design to avoid nut bolt fitting, gasketing. This improves efficiency, stops leakage problems.
  • Maintenance time- You done your own maintenance, not necessary help of manufacturer or supplier for servicing. In design of our machine take care of maintenance time also.
    1. Replacement of blower and motor.
    2. Replacement of High Voltage unit.
    3. Replacement Drive, Electrical accessories.
    4. Replacement or dismantle and assembly of Ionizer very easy.
    5. Replacement or dismantle and assembly of collector very easy.
    6. Replacement of Pre filters and Post filter.
  • Breathe easy, work safe and healthy due to pollution free environment.
  • Reliable, Simple to use, Compact fume extractor.

Sr. no. Item Description
1 Design Reliable, Simple to use, Compact fume extractor design.
2 Design of esp cabinet Cabinet-CRCA Built in single cabinet ? [High Voltage & electrical unit-Motor & Blower unit-Ionization Section-Filter section- Inlet], compact; avoid welding, nut bolting, gasketing to avoid leakage problem. Safety.
3 Energy efficiency Motor & Blower Motor & Blower, Volt-400VAC, Current-0.37A, RPM-2730,Watts-210W
4 Drive Drive
1HP IN: 3×380-480V 50/60Hz 3.5/3.0A
OUT: 3×0-Vin0-400Hz 2.2/2.1A
5 CFM & Static pressure 400-1200 cfm at Inlet of ESP,400Pa
6 Ionizer Thick (gauge) high quality, durable aluminium sheet, Highly efficient SS spike electrode, Large Ionization area.
7 Collector Thick(gauge) high quality, durable aluminium sheet, Collecting plate large, Large collection area, High efficient
8 Ionizer & Collector Insulator (Bushing) Highly efficient Teflon/Ceramic insulators.
9 Ionizer and Collector fitting rods Made- MS well plated rod to avoid rusty after cleaning process
10 Pre Filter& Post filter Built in SS frame with SS wire mesh.

Type Model Description
Variable cfm Double Section SEPL 120 VDS Variable cfm, Double Section, Energy efficient
SEPL 160 VDS Variable cfm, Double Section, Energy efficient
Technical Specification:

Model SEPL 120 VDS
Suction Capacity 400-1200 CFM /680 -2040 CMH
Input Voltage 400 VAC, 3 PH
Motor 400 VAC, 210Watts, 0.37A, 2730 RPM, 1790 m3/h, 50Hz
Drive IN: 3×380-480V 50/60Hz 3.5/3.0A
OUT: 3×0-Vin0-400Hz 2.2/2.1A ,1HP.
Blower DIA.:280mm
High Voltage Power Pack 11/5.5 Kv,4.5 mA /50w
Technical Specification:

Model SEPL 160 VDS
Suction Capacity 400-1600 CFM /680 -2720 CMH
Input Voltage 400 VAC, 3 PH
Motor 400 VAC, 235Watts, 0.50A, 1600 RPM, 2930 m3/h, 60 Hz
Drive IN: 3×380-480V 50/60Hz 3.5/3.0A
OUT: 3×0-Vin0-400Hz 2.2/2.1A ,1HP.
Blower DIA.:400mm
High Voltage Power Pack 11/5.5 Kv,4.5 mA / 50w