Cyclone Dust Collector

//Cyclone Dust Collector
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Project Description

Cyclone Dust Collector

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
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SEPL design and manufacture cyclone dust collector to keep clean air in all industrial sectors in which air pollutants are collected, transported and separated. Innovative systematic equipment design ensure optimal separation results. The SEPL cyclone dust collector is particularly suitable for separation of fine dust. Dust can be successfully separated, such as those created in metal processing, polymer processing, pharmaceutical and ceramic industries, wood processing, as well as non-metallic minerals. The SEPL units are of modular construction in order to meet different requirements, such as dust characteristics or the volume of exhausted air. SEPL cyclone dust collectors are low-noise units allow for reliable 24-hour operation with constant air flow.

The dust contaminated air flows through the inlet into unit. A baffle plate slows down and deflects the dust particles to protect the filter elements from direct impact. An air down-flow is created in round direction, allowing the dust particles to drop.. The separated dust falls into the dust collector container. The cleaned air exits through the bag.

Technical Specification:

Suction Capacity 500 CFM/850CMH
Input Voltage 415VAC/3PH/50Hz
Motor 1Hp