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SEPL works on principle to implement solutions on clean fresh air and pollution free healthy work places. Breathe easy, work safe and healthy due to pollution free environment. We have been active and specialization for more than 20 years work on various type of air purification system to analysis, technical advice, consulting, design and manufacturing.

There are different types of air purification system used for Engineering, Electronics industry.

We take opportunity to introduce to you our oil mist and smoke electrostatic precipitators, centrifugal mist collectors and dust collectors.

There is different stage of electrostatic precipitators used for Engineering, Electronics industry to remove oil mist and smoke during machining, welding process.

“Saniya Envirosystem Desire Breath Fresh Air In Pollution Free Working Environment”


  • Experience to analyse and technical advice
  • Design quality product and services
  • Work with customer on transparent principle
  • Pricing without hidden cost
  • Reliable simple to use, easy to maintain fume extractor.


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